Replenishment shouldn't be
an expensive guessing game

RESTOCK™ puts the power and profit in
your hands to properly allocate your
inventory for maximum ROI

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Simplify your inventory allocation and increase sell-through

RESTOCK™ combines sales and operational efficiencies to keep your labor costs in check.

  • Aggregate all variables such as weather, sales, logistics, and inventory
  • Give analysts the information they need to properly create kits and allocate inventory
  • Provide flexibility for operational nuances from customer to customer

Simplify and optimize your
replenishment system

“Silver Fern has been an ideal software vendor to work with. They deliver on what they say and provide great customer support along the way. They helped with everything from onboarding to weekly workshops and training sessions.RESTOCK™ has allowed us to effectively allocate our inventory for operational efficiency and increased sell-thru. There's no tool like it in the industry. I'd happily recommend RESTOCK™ and the Silver Fern team.”


You don't have to decide between accuracy and labor costs. RESTOCK™ automatically optimizes for sales, operations, and sell-through.

Your customers want accurate and speedy replenishment. You want that too... but without extra costs to your business. With RESTOCK™ there is no trade off.

  • Pulling more efficient
  • Discrepancies a thing of the past
  • Consistency, quality, and accuracy more reliable
Integrates easily with
your current systems

Use restock on its own or with other products from the
Work Suite

Every product in the Work Suite is system agnostic, works together seamlessly, and can be customized for your business.

Our products are modular, meaning you can start with one and add on as needed - or you can get them all together.

Whatever you choose, you won't find anything that's easier to use or set up. In fact, we'll set it up for you so you never miss a beat.

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