Analytics that go
beyond sales data

ANALYZE™ gives you an at-a-glance
deep dive into your entire business

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Say goodbye to siloed data

The easiest way to unpack your sales data and compare it to what you forecasted, produced, and shipped. It's the measuring stick that allows you to manage your business.

  • Helps you have specific and informed conversations about your numbers
  • Communicate the needs of your business
  • Express your business value
  • Automate data transfers
  • Save your time

“RESTOCK™ greatly helped our peak-season inventory management at our retail locations while improving efficiency, decision-making, and optimizing greenhouse operations. Automation and real-time analytics saved me about 16 work hours weekly. RESTOCK™ did a great job analyzing sales and writing orders that increased Sell-Thru, but the real value came from optimizing operational efficiency in the greenhouse by utilizing kits and keeping labor costs down. It simplified overall management, improving effectiveness and profitability. I highly recommend RESTOCK™ and the Silver Fern team.”

Senior Data Analyst,
Heartland Growers

All of your data. In one spot. ANALYZE™ simplifies data access and saves you hours of your time.

If your data lives in multiple locations, it makes extraction and analysis time-consuming and arduous. With ANALYZE™ you can view and customize your data exactly how you like...
in just a few minutes.

  • Facilitate communications with customers and C-suite
  • Correlate your data verticals
  • Work seamlessly with major retailers
Integrates easily with
your current systems

Use analyze on its own or with other products from the
Work Suite

Every product in the Work Suite is system agnostic, works together seamlessly, and can be customized for your business.

Our products are modular, meaning you can start with one and add on as needed - or you can get them all together.

Whatever you choose, you won't find anything that's easier to use or set up. In fact, we'll set it up for you so you never miss a beat.

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