Production planning that
puts you profitably ahead
of the game

PRODUCE™ gives you the flexibility to easily
adjust when production needs change

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Changes won't
slow you down

Here's where your forecasting comes to life. And now you'll have the flexibility to make changes without stress or worry.

  • Full production management
  • Live supply chain network
  • Dynamic substitutions
  • Stacked and inline views
  • Business-to-business integrations
  • Manage sowing, sticking, transplant dates, and more
  • Your entire schedule from seed to shelf
  • Full visibility of BOMs (bill of materials)
  • When to purchase, where to purchase, how much to purchase
  • Create events against any production lot ID`s

An upgrade for your space
and production planning

“PRODUCE™ is a big improvement in production planning for our company. The biggest upgrade for us is the ability to link space planning with production planning. The support is good, and we are able to have detailed conversations with people who understand our challenges and work-flows. The leadership at Silver Fern has a wealth of industry knowledge and first-hand experience.”

Vice President, Catoctin
Mountain Growers

In this business, the only thing you can count on is change. PRODUCE™ makes changes a breeze to handle.

Let's face it. Changes will happen, and when you least expect it. With PRODUCE™ you can better plan your space and eliminate inefficiencies. Even when the unexpected happens.

PRODUCE™ lets you:
  • Maximize space utilization without compromising operational efficiency
  • Consistently grow to customer spec
  • Reduce your shrink and your customers` shrink
Integrates easily with
your current systems

Use produce on its own or with other products from the
Work Suite

Every product in the Work Suite is system agnostic, works together seamlessly, and can be customized for your business.

Our products are modular, meaning you can start with one and add on as needed - or you can get them all together.

Whatever you choose, you won't find anything that's easier to use or set up. In fact, we'll set it up for you so you never miss a beat.

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